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C-Pro 250 Atmospheric Pipe Coating



C-Pro is a liquid, asphalt-based, atmospheric corrosion inhibitor used primarily for coating sucker rods. The product utilizes a proprietary corrosion inhibitor designed to provide 9 to 12 months of outdoor protection of properly coated metal parts and piping. C-Pro 250 uses an aliphatic solvent composition that speeds the drying of the products once applied. Typical drying times (tack-free) is approximately 5 minutes for tank dipped metal components. C-Pro 250 forms a shiny black film coating that will readily dissolve in a hydrocarbon solution.


Advantages & Benefits:

  • Fast-tack free time (~5minutes), minimal dry time
  • Self Healing Coating
  • 9 to 12 months outdoor protection
  • Moisture Insenstive


Application Equipment

C-Pro 250 can be applied by airless spray equipment. Use all necessary caution in applying the product in this manner-Pro 250 can be applied in a dip-vat method. Metal surfaces should be free of grease, solvents and mill sediments. Metal parts or tubing should be totally immersed in the liquid. The coating process occurs almost immediately, allowing for parts to be removed in a short amount of time. Allow parts to drain and dry before handling. Dip vat methods can achieve a 0.5 to 2.0 mil dry film minimum coating.

Note: C-Pro 250 contains volatile organic compounds and should be used in areas with proper ventilation and controls.


Physical Properties:



Use Concentration

As Delivered


5 min Approx

Flash Point

< 100°F (Flammable Liquid)

Pour Point



Oil Soluble

Film Stability Temperature

> 125°F


Post Job Cleanup:

Daily cleanup and post-job cleanup are easily accomplished using any typical solvent cleaner (e.g. Varsol, Mineral Spirits). Please note the polyurea clean up should be completed as soon after application as possible.


Safety and Handling:

C-Pro 250 is an industrial coating product. Please read and understand the MSDS provided with all shipments. Always use products with adequate ventilation and use required personal protection equipment. For confined space, use fresh air supply. For open air, use full or half face, twin cartridge respirators fitted with organic vapor cartridges and HEPA filters. Persons operating spray gun should wear full-face respirator. Always protect skin and eyes.


Shelf Life:

C-Pro 250 atmospheric coating is stable for a minimum of twelve months in sealed and unopened containers. Keep stored indoors in moderate climate conditions. Do not store out of doors where freezing conditions can occur. Temperatures below 50°F may result in the product becoming too viscous to flow from containers. Keep away from extreme heat and freezing.



C-Pro 250 is available directly form our manufacturing locations in 5-galllon, 55-gallon, 275-gallon, 550-gallon and bulk containers.


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